New and improved site

By Tim Riley14 Sep 2010

Welcome to the new Icelab site. As you can see, we’ve spruced up the place a little, our first major change since we built the previous site in 2007. In the short time since, much about technology has changed, and so have we.

In 2007, we built most of our interactives using Flash. Right now, we have two in the pipeline that we’re building for a WebKit platform with HTML5 and CSS3. Since 2007, we’ve moved from building web sites solely for the desktop to combined desktop and mobile experiences, like our café review site, Decaf Sucks. We’ve also begun to focus on native mobile applications, both leveraging our web background via bridges like PhoneGap and Titanium, as well as getting our hands dirty with some raw Objective C and CocoaTouch (watch this space for upcoming announcements). Finally, we’ve also ramped up our development of fully-fledged web applications, with sites like Published Authors and our just-released RentMonkey.

Of course, many things haven’t changed. We still love espresso, and regularly fill the lab with bicycles. We’re still doing our best to engage with the community, getting out to conferences and local web and technology meetups, as well as welcoming a series of itinerant co-workers into share our office. We’re still excited about building beautiful and useful things, and we hope the new site makes this even more apparent.

New Icelab site

We plan to begin writing regularly here about our work and thinking as designers and developers, so please subscribe to the feed. In the meantime, feel free to check out our easier-to-browse portfolio of projects or learn more about us.

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